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The Florentine Tradition

The Florentine Tradition Lilies Gold stores are located in the heart of the Ponte Vecchio, the Florentine center of gold, as well as one of the most beautiful historical sites in the world.

They are the result of the collaboration of five historic families of jewelers with over a hundred years of experience in the creation of exclusive jewels.

Lilies Gold is not just a jewelery business, but is itself a part of Florence with its history and traditions. The union of five historical jewelers of the Ponte Vecchio has allowed the creation of current jewels, which however fully respect the Florentine tradition. The age-old craftsmanship and the great passion for beauty are the hallmarks of Lilies Gold. Our team is the engine of the business for customer must always feel understood and must be guided in the best choice of his jewel.

Handmade In Italy

Lilies Gold offers a timeless jewelery line, which keeps intact the high standards of the Italian goldsmith tradition and Florentine craftsmanship without losing sight of the evolution of style.

The love for beauty blends with the expert craftsmanship of expert goldsmiths, giving life to chokers, pendants, earrings, rings and bracelets for all tastes and for every occasion, in gold and precious stones of the best quality, silver and colored enamels , perfect to capture your best moments over time.

Each creation is a small piece of Florence, capable of giving a magical emotion to those who donate it and to those who receive it.

Why Lilies Gold

The shops are located in the heart of the Ponte Vecchio, a symbolic image of the city of Florence. Hence the name Lilies Gold.

Lily, the lily, is the symbol of the city of Florence from the eleventh century, and is an integral part of our goldsmith tradition. The lily becomes the emblem of the city especially thanks to the florin, one of the first gold coins minted in Italy after the fall of the Roman Empire.

Born in Florence in 1252 in 24 kt gold, with an original diameter of about 19 mm, but today there are many variations on the market. Mounted in bracelets, rings or simple pendants, the florin remains an inevitable souvenir from this magical city.


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