An eternal symbol of the city of Florence, the Ponte Vecchio is a place where for centuries there is a magical and unique atmosphere in the world.

The succession of artisans and jewelers' workshops, guarded by the characteristic wooden doors that hide the treasures every evening, make the Ponte Vecchio the emblem of the ancient and prestigious Florentine goldsmith tradition.

From 1565, the year in which the Vasariano Corridoiowas built, the Ponte Vecchio, previously animated by the activities of vegetables and butchers, was populated by skilled professionals and traders of gold, becoming the undisputed realm of master goldsmiths and jewelers.

It is right here, in the heart of the city, where art, craftsmanship, beauty and luxury have merged into a microcosm of unique charm that brought to life the creations of Lilies Gold.

Masterpieces of high jewelery that encompass the experience handed down from generation to generation, the creativity of a sophisticated design, the slow and meticulous workmanship of the most precious materials, the passion for excellence.

It is from the age-old wisdom of five historical jewelers of Ponte Vecchio that theexclusive Lilies Gold collectionexclusive is born, the only one capable of preserving the evocative atmosphere of a place that, centuries after centuries, continues to enchant for its beauty, the only able to spread with its precious light the authentic magic of a city without equal in the world.